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After the Lontoccom System…
After the UHF-Linked Repeater System…
After the Battery Pack Eliminator …

by: johnpearl@01


Computers have long been invaded our day-to-day activities. It successfully changed how we make our job done. Surely it helped us do our job in a lighter way, thus in any instance, in offices or in public places, in planning and in doing, decision-making and in problem solving, indubitably computers are always there to rely on. These uses were a limited few of the many things computers can do, it has other functions in a higher understanding but it need not to be mentioned here. In this view, computers were made partners to success by business entities, by private individuals, various artists, by large Corporations, by powerful Groups, and so do the Philippine Army? Yes, computers have long been integrated in the performance of duties of every offices and units in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly in the Philippine Army. It lightened our office works such as preparation of reports, and other communications. It made our communications faster and more secured. It connected us into the outside world. It connects us to our allies. These evidences prove us that, " the Philippine Army has been invaded by computers." With these remarkable views about the capabilities of computers, we tend to forget its limitations. One of which is its dependency on power, it can not operate on it's own thus it's performance is naught in the absence of power. Of course, power is certain since every headquarters of our units are supplied with electrical power… the problem comes when brownouts are looming; it damages if not totally destroys our computers. Again, with the intelligence of mankind, Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) was created, an equipment that can keep our computers running during power interlude without interruption and hazard to our computers. But the problem is, it can hold in about 15 to 20 minutes only. However, as previously mentioned, a man's ingenuity can make solution to any problem, thus MAJ NOEL B LONTOC, Acting Commanding Officer of 8th Signal Battalion has proven once more that cleverness comes naturally. The 8th Signal Battalion of the 8th Infantry Division has developed the newest daring innovation primarily designed to cater a "no brownout scheme" in our offices so as to get the optimum advantage not only from our computers but also to other CEIS equipments. After the LONTOCCOM System, after the UHF-Linked Repeater System, After the Battery Pack Eliminator… here comes the latest- the Bespoke Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS). The Bespoke UPS is a product of technical skills and perseverance of MAJ NOEL B LONTOC, the acting Commanding Officer of 8th Signal Battalion, 8th Infantry (Storm Troopers) Division, Philippine Army in order to capitalize on the advantages that can be taken from our predominant equipments in our offices such as Computers, Radios, Television sets, and other Appliances. Countless late nights and hard days coupled with enthusiasm and cunning paved way to the success of exposing this daring novelty. Inspired by the unit's vision authored by no less than its Acting Commanding Officer, "To be a model unit and Home of Superb Innovations," another breakthrough to upturn was uncovered. An external battery added to a Simple circuitry is the revealed solution to expand the sustaining capability of our ordinary UPS. From a nominal fifteen (15) minutes of incessant power will shift into a stunning eight (8) to ten (10) hours of uninterrupted power source. Thus, worries on damages to equipment and late submission of reports incurred due to ominous brownouts will no longer be experienced.


BESPOKE UPS 8-10 uninterrupted power   -Extended time of performance, can supply limited number of equipment-
FUEL FOR GENERATOR 10 hrs power   Shifting power from commercial to Generator when brown out occurred (damage due to power interruption can't be avoided)
ORDINARY UPS 15 minutes   Short span of working time giving only enough time to shut down our equipment properly. Can supply limited number of equipment only.

With careful analysis on the table above, the Bespoke UPS can give us better incentives and will save our MOE from the conduct of repairs on our equipment damaged by power interruption and will limit the consumption of our POL since use of generators will be minimized. Timely submission of reports will be ensured since our computers can work with or without commercial powering a considerably long period of time, and many other advantages that you can only find out when you have installed one of these in your equipment.


No Power Interruption Can Supply limited number of Equipment.
Least Expensive.  
Maintenance free.  
Extended time of operation.  
Damage to equipment is avoided.  
Optimize the use of equipments.  

Once more, the 8th Signal Battalion has proven to be the home of innovations in the Philippine Army. To the CEIS family, our bugle is sounded every time we discover a breakthrough, let us not stop finding till another bugle has been sounded, and once the next sound is over, we keep on going till another bugle is heard…


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