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  A Publication of the 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, Camp Lukban, Catbalogan Samar

COMPASSION, instead of persecution, is what the recently captured NPA Amazon Sunshine Eulalio has been receiving from the 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army. No less than a free hospitalization at the Command's Camp Lukban Station Hospital (CLSH) has been provided. Since her "rescue" by elements of the 19th Infantry Battalion during an encounter in Albuera, Leyte from the hands of the Communist Terrorists who are harrasing and extorting from the civilian populace in the area, where Sunshine has been wounded, care and sympathy has been given to her in the form of free hospitalization initially in Ormoc City hospital then to the Eastern Visayas Medical Center in Tacloban City and to her new "home", here in Camp Lukban Station Hospital.

Her "rescue" is credited to the unflinching observance of the 8ID troops of the Rules of Engagement and the International Humanitarian Law governing armed conflict, where wounded personnel, including the people's enemy, should be given care and compassion, as they are also human beings, with a family also waiting for them. She has been particularly abandoned in vain of her former comrades. "Naalala ko pa ang sinabi ng mga kasamahan ko noon sa kilusan, hindi kami mag iiwanan. Noong na-wounded ako sa engkwentro at nahospital, wala man lang dumamay at tumulong sa akin na kasama sa kilusan. Mabuti na lamang at mababait at disiplinado and mga sundalong nagligtas sa akin. Tunay na walang knabukasan sa kilusan". Sunshine lamented.

From her confinement in CLSH last 02 February 2005, she had undergone series of surgical operations. Four blood donors from among the soldier students of the 8th Division Training Unit donated thier blood for her sake as she has to undergo a major application of External Fixator under general anesthesia operation on her right arm as a result of her wound inflicted during the encounter with NPA Terrorists last 29 January 2005.

The Camp Lukban Station Hospital normally caters only for military personnel and their dependents but it extended its help to Sunshine during her pre-operation phase and later on, in her recuperation. Despite limited Command resources, substatial amount has been set aside to cover for her medicines and other expenses while she is on the road to recovery.

Thus, Sunshine's mother, Cristita P Eulalio, has been very vocal and proud of the 8ID's support to Sunshine's hospitalization that she became emotional when asked of what she thinks of her daughter's present condition. "Nagpapasalamat kami sa Philippine Army sa pagbibigay ng bagong buhay sa aking anak gayundin sa lahat ng tulong na naibigay sa aming pamilya. Tunay na mababait at disiplinado ang mga sundalo na pinahahalagahan and buhay ng ating kapwa Pilipino.

After Sunshine's recuperation, she shall be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development where she will be given a chance to recover her "lost life" while with the Communist movement. Skills training would most probably be provided to her, enough for her to live a normal and happy way of life with her family.

Brig Gen Bonifacio Ramos, the 8ID's General Officer-in-Charge, in his statement said, "Now is the time to heal and the time to unit. We are calling on our lost fellow Filipinos who have been deceived into believing thier futile cause to open their minds and let the spirit of reconciliation and unity be instilled in their hearts and minds as the only solution to our nation's problems cannot be achieved through force of arms or revolution, but rather by collective efforts of not only the goverment agencies but alos the non-government entities and most importantly the civilian populace, in our quest for a lasting peace and prosperity for our country. That is the hope of every freedom loving Filipino".


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