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  A Publication of the 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, Camp Lukban, Catbalogan Samar

A Civilian View on War

It may seem difficult to comprehend why wars must take place. We see on television the destruction of properties and the destruction of lives, especially on the lives of children. War doesn't only destroy what is tangible. War leads to other disasters. And war creates a hollow space not only in our planet but also even in our very existence as God's creation.

The world has been so much filled with sad events. People's cares were diverted from simple things to complicated ones. The very essence of existence which is enjoying life to the fullest, has been overshadowed by fear caused by crimes, wars, and economic upheavals

Here in our country, political leaders have been warring against each other. There has been conflicts among policy makers among the national government down to the local levels. People have been divided all over. And these divisions would always end up in conflict.

Even in our locality, we have experiences that soon might cause a remarkable division of our people. At present, the different sectors of our community have started to speak out and come out in the open. Even the youth are now brave enough to stand for their rights so that their voice could be heard.

If only people would realize that wars would never end if they would continue to speak alone and never listen to the other side. Conflicts arise because everyone insists on what he stands for and never gives the other side a chance to lay out and speak what's in his mind.

But the war that is very hard to resolve is the war within one's self, Big wars always start with small wars. Big conflicts always start with small conflicts. Not a single war could be settled if no one would listen to the other and end up with a compromise or settle things harmoniously. It only takes a matter of listening with the heart for wars to be resolved.

The time to stop and think for what life is all about never stops. We can never tell what's going to happen to each one of us each day. Everyone has a war to wage, a war that needs life as a sacrifice and yet a war that requires life to be preserved, lived, and enjoyed.

Each moment that we live is a battle - a battle against corruption; a battle against immorality; a battle against spirituality; a battle against selfish motives; a battle against greed for power and money; a battle against material things and the desire to acquire more; and the worst is, a battle against God and His creation for those who defy life and the meaning of life.

As wars go on, let us stop and think of what we do to our own lives. If ever a decision comes and there is a need of redirecting our lives regardless of who we are and what we do, then at least, we can end wars - within ourselves, within our organization, within our country, and within the Plane Earth.

(Author by Christine AC Caidic,
Information Officer IV of LGU-Samar Province)
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